How to Make Your Online Ad Effective

How to Make Your Online Ad Effective

05 AugHow to Make Your Online Ad Effective

How to Make Your Online Ad Effective

If you are posting an online ad of  a product or service and want good deals, it is important that your ad should be attractive and extra ordinary. There are others also who have posted similar products and services like you but what makes your ad different from others?

There is no science behind this - What ever you are posting either it’s a car, mobile or table, you must stand out. Represent your ad as an attention seeker but just be careful, follow these guidelines so your ad do not get flagged:-
Ad with Headline
No one will notice your ad if your headline is not that much convincing. Put the appropriate data, but do not be afraid of a true description as to why anybody should purchase your product. For example if you are selling a car, so don’t forget to mention make and year of vehicle.
Ad with Quality Description
Your ad must consist enough details about your product to seek the attention of buyer. Always keep your ad visible to buyers for quick sale. Follow these instructions for used products such as furntiure, appliances or automobiles.

Photos: Upload some quality pictures of the product from all angles. Photo with high resolution and good lightening gets more attention.

Pattern: Write a informative description with 1 or 2 sentences of your product. Follow that with a bullet list of the product specifications (size, material, age) and at last mention your contact details.

Grammar: Keep gramatical errors in mind, before posting run your ad via a spell-check on a word processor. A common error can turn off your potential buyer.

Take equal care with all the advertisements, but modify the pattern to promote best what you sell. For example, if you are posting an apartment ad then there should be 4 to 5 photos of all rooms. If you are posting for a job vacancy, highlight its benefits and the culture of your business along with a list of desired candiadte profile will ensure you attract the best candidates.
Keep the category selection in mind while posting an ad and choose the right category that suits your product best. So take some time to think about who your customer is and made the right decision.
Be Aware from Spams
Intelligent shoppers are cautious while entering into an online deal. Top Classified informs buyers to avoid advertisements requiring personal data or transfers of funds. Although you are right, take a time to review the rules so that you can trust your buyer.


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